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            This is a custom National Match leather Rifleman’s  Belt made to resemble the US military M1907 leather service rifle sling.  You can wear it with pride anywhere, but especially when attending or participating in any event where firearms are used or displayed, or where you do “gun talk”.  This custom belt is 1–½ inches wide and is approximately 3/16 inch thick.  Those dimensions will give a very stable support for your pants and will provide years of rugged use.  The belt is equipped with 2 gray steel parkerized hooks, like on the M1907 leather rifle slings of the latter half of WWII and beyond.  One hook is functional (the one on the end), while the other hook is non-functional.  There is only one fixed loop or keeper which should be aligned with your centerline when the belt is worn.  It will fit the belt loops of most work-pants but may not fit through the smaller belt loops of some dress pants.  It has already been treated with 100% Neatsfoot Oil and will not need any additional oiling for several years.  Only a very light coat of Neatsfoot oil should be applied at that time.


The basic design of this sling came from the combined ideas of Tom R. Sciulli and Leslie E.M. Tam, both from Honolulu, Hawaii.  They’ve been working on various prototypes of this belt from about mid 2006 to the early part of 2007.  In case you haven’t heard of Tom yet, he is quite an ingenious guy who loves to tinker with semi-auto high power rifles and converts them into .22 caliber semi-auto versions.  Tom’s one–of-a-kind .22 cal. fully functional semi-auto M1 Garand was a real winner.  Les is the sling maker who is known for making custom National Match leather rifle slings for competitive rifle shooters and collectors.

The info that a person needs to send to Leslie Tam in order to order one of these belts is:


1.      Your name, address, and phone number.

2.      Your email address.

3.      Your Waist size

4.      What branch of service emblem you want stamped on the belt.  If you were never  in any branch of service, then perhaps the American eagle emblem would be okay, or perhaps you would prefer no emblem at all.


Note:  Belts are offered only in a reddish dark brown, and only with parkerized steel hooks.  All belts will have Les’ logo stamped on it.  Payment may be made by personal check.  Sorry, but charge cards are not accepted.  Make checks payable to “Leslie Tam” and mail to 1411 Saint Louis Drive, Honolulu, HI 96816.  You may also call the order in by phone to Les at (808) 737-5427 hm, or (808) 429-5427 cell and follow up with your check.  Please note when calling that Hawaiian time is about 6 hours behind East Coast time or 3 hours behind West Coast .  Current price is $65, which includes shipping.  For belts of waist size greater than 42 inches, there is an additional $3 shipping charge.  You’ll find some pictures on my web site at www.LesTamSlings.com .

You may also email Les if you have any questions at:  leslietam@aol.com.  Turnaround time is about a week to 4 months after receipt of funds.  Items are sent out via Priority Mail. 


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