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Frogs are also known as hooks. When placing a sling order, you will have a choice of either stainless or gray parkerized steel or solid brass hooks. Historically speaking, brass hooks were used on the M1907 slings from the early 1900ís all the way up through part of WWII. Then, during WWII there was a conversion to steel parkerized hooks, and they continue to this day. Stainless hooks were never used by the military, but are currently used by a few sling makers as aftermarket items. As far as corrosion is concerned from either dampness or salt air or long term storage, brass and stainless hooks will stand up better than steel parkerized hooks. For most shooters who use their rifles and slings often enough and clean and lubricate the metal parts, it really doesnít matter what type of hooks that you select. But for the serious gun collector, the choice is made to be correct with the period that the rifle was manufactured/used. However, no matter what type of hooks you select, there will always be a very very slow buildup of a green waxy substance called verdigris that forms in the hook area caused by the chemical reaction of the leather with the brass hooks and/or the copper rivets which are used to secure the hooks to the strap. You will need to wipe-off that verdigris every few months. All the stainless hooks in my current lot have slightly longer necks than the other types mentioned. But, that feature, by accident of manufacture, had the good effect of enabling the shooter to easier engage the hooks into the holes of the sling when making sling adjustments. The choice of hooks does not alter the price of the sling.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless Frogs
  • Parkinized Frogs


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