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M1907 Reproduction


The light weight M1907 reproduction slings which I make and sell are basically a copy of the original M1907 sling from the period about the end of WWI and WWII. The leather used for this sling is top quality Hermann Oak strap leather, which means quality and longevity. Accordingly, it carries a significantly higher cost. The thickness of the leather has been chosen to duplicate the thickness of the original M1907 slings. In my opinion, that thickness is not adequate for use of this sling for serious competitive National Match target shooting. For serious competitive National Match target shooting, I recommend purchasing my heavy duty NM leather service rifle sling. For more info on that heavy duty NM leather service rifle sling contact me at the phone number/email address shown below.

You have the choice of the hooks being either new manufacture brass or new manufacture gray parkerized steel. The D-ring is solid brass (usually blackened brass) and is recycled from original US service rifle slings from the WWI era. However, there are some other differences. The rivets on the hooks are copper instead of the original brass. All the stitching on the sling and keepers has been done by hand using artificial sinew instead of the original machine stitching using cotton thread. Artificial sinew is more durable and will outlast cotton thread more than tenfold.

The reproduction sling will be treated with pure 100% Neatsfoot Oil. That oil combined with a secret amount of golden Hawaiian sunshine produces a beautiful reddish brown color for the sling which is very pleasing to the eye. The sling will fit any US service rifle which has 1 inch width sling swivels. The length of the upper half (the long strap) will be 48 inches or longer. There will not be any stampings on the sling. Below are some pictures of a sample repro sling.

The spirit of the American riflemen who used these types of slings still lingers in some of the hardware of these slings and hopefully will follow their new owners in life and bring them honor, fame and true love of country. Owners will have a sling to be proud of. My price for this reproduction M1907 sling is currently $70 postpaid. Satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be refunded if the sling is returned within 10 days of receipt. To place an order, phone or email me.

Key Benefits

  • Cut to length.
  • Your choice of frogs (hooks): Brass or gray parkerized steel
  • Standard sewn keepers

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