Service Rifle
N.M. Riflemanís  Belt
Air Rifle

Here they are, you have seen them on the line, now you can order one for yourself.


Heavy Duty Service Rifle Sling


National Match leather Riflemanís  Belt
M1907 Reproduction Sling



Air rifle Sling

Coming soon!



These are what is used to adjust your sling.

You use these to tighten up your sling once you have it on.



Your going to be ready to answer some questions like the ones below, remember each sling is hand made to order!

Type of Rifle?
Color: Brown or black?
Type of Hooks: brass or gray steel parkerized or stainless steel?
Your height and body weight?
Length of upper half long strap needed: If not sure of length, wait till you talk to Les.
Riveted or sewn keepers?
Upper keeper to fit either 2 or 3 layers of leather strap?
Emblem desired: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or US eagle?
Initials or short name (not more than 4 characters)?
Les will stamp the current year on the sling, like "2003"


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